The Elected Officials

Bob Davids served three terms (1971-72, 75-76, 82-84) as president of the Society. Others have been Ron Menchine, who had a speaking role in the Dustin Hoffman-Robert Redford film, All the President’s Men, which consisted of saying “Yes” three times (1972-73), Robert Allen (1973-74), David Voigt (1974-75), Gene Murdock (1976-78), Cliff Kachline (1978-80), Kit Crissey (1980-82), Cappy Gagnon (1984-86), Gene Sunnen (1986-89), Rich Topp (1989-91), Jack Kavanagh (acting, July-December 1991), Lloyd Johnson (1991-93), David Pietrusza (1993-97), Larry Gerlach (1997-99), Jim Riley (1999-2001), Claudia Perry (2001-2003), Dick Beverage (2003-2009), Andy McCue (2009-2011), Vince Gennaro (2011-19), and Mark Armour (2019-present).

Phil Lowry won the Society's presidential election in 1991 but was unable to assume the office due to health issues. Newly elected vice president Jack Kavanagh took over as acting president until a new election could be held. A new ballot was sent to the membership with the September 1991 SABR Bulletin, listing John Holway, Lloyd Johnson, David Pietrusza, and Bill Shlensky as candidates. Holway's campaign statement alleged that the Society had lost an unexplained $40,000 in the previous four years. This drew a reply in the October SABR Bulletin from Society treasurer Bob Ruland denying that the Society had any current financial troubles and that the problem Holway referred to had preceded the current Executive Director by 18 months. Holway withdrew his name from the slate and a new presidential ballot had to be sent with the October SABR Bulletin. The election results were announced in the January 1992 SABR Bulletin. Lloyd Johnson won the election with 185 votes.

Individuals who have served in the role of Society vice-president have been John Pardon (1971-72), Paul Frisz (1972-73), Joe Simenic (1973-74), Dick Cramer (1974-75), Emil Rothe (1975-76), Stan Grosshandler (1976-77), Art Schott (1977-78), Bill Gustafson (1978-80), Jerry Gregory (1980-82), Tom Evans (1982-83), Cappy Gagnon (1983-84), John McCormack (1984-85), Tal Smith (1985-87), Luke Salisbury (1987-89), Ron Gabriel (1989-91), Jack Kavanagh (1991-93), Claudia Perry (1993-95), Dick Beverage (1995-97), Fred Ivor-Campbell (1998-2002), Stew Thornley (2002-04), Bill Nowlin (2004-16), and Leslie Heaphy (2016-present).

Bob McConnell served as the Society’s first secretary-treasurer (1971-72), and Stan Grosshandler filled the position 1972-74). At the 1974 National Convention, the role of secretary-treasurer was split into two positions, and at the same time, a four-person Board of Directors was established, with staggered four-year terms. Since the division of the secretary-treasurer position, the following members have served as secretary: Bill Shlensky (1974-75), Randy Linthurst (1975-76), Tom Hufford (1976-77), Tom Zocco (1977-78), Bob Hoie (1978-80), Vern Luse (1980-82), Bill Humber (1982-83), John Pardon (1983-85), Luke Salisbury (1985-87), Phil Lowry (1987-88), Len Levin (1988-90), Claudia Perry (1990-92), Bob Ruland (1992-96), Norman Macht (1996-97), Dave Pietrusza (1997-98), Dick Beverage (1998-2002), Neal Traven (2003-2009), Vince Gennaro (2009-11), and Todd Lebowitz (2011-present).

Society treasurers have been Eric Simonsen (1974-75), Ray Gonzalez (1975-77), Dick Burtt (1977-79), Frank Phelps (1979-81), Robert Soderman (1981-82), Bill Hugo (1982-84), Joe McGillen (1984-86), Cappy Gagnon (1986-87), Skip McAfee (1987-90), Bob Ruland (1990-92), Norman Macht (1992-95), Paul Andresen (1995-99), Len Levin (1999-2001), and F.X. Flinn (2001-present).

Members who have served on the Board are Tyrone Brooks (2019-present), Bill Carle (1988-92), Dick Cramer (1975-79), Marge Daniels (1986-90), Bob Davids (1974-75 and 1976-80), Chris Dial (2014-19), Cappy Gagnon (1987-1991), Larry Gerlach (1991-1997), Steve Gietschier (1997-99), Gary Gillette (2009-12), Dan Ginsburg (2002-05), Stan Grosshandler (1974-76 and 1978-82), Emily Hawks (2013-present), Leslie Heaphy (2010-present), Paul Hirsch (2007-13), Tom Hufford (2004-13), Fred Ivor-Campbell (1992-96 and 2005-08), Rodney Johnson (1999-2004), Tom Jozwik (1982-88), Cliff Kachline (1974-78 and 1980-82), Allison Levin (2019-present), Vern Luse (1985-87), Norman Macht (1999-2007), Bob McConnell (1974-81 and 1982-86), Andy McCue (2002-09), Lois Nicholson (1998-2002), Bill Nowlin (2016-present), John Pardon (1979-83 and 1985-89), Frank Phelps (1981-85), Richard Puff (1989-93), Jim Riley (1996-99), Harry Rothgerber (2001-02), Mark Rucker (1990-94), Rick Salamon (1994-98), Anthony Salazar (2008-10), Tom Shieber (1997-2001), Eric Simonsen (1983-85), David Vincent (1993-97), Ty Waterman (2012-18), and Fred Worth (2013-14).

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