Jeb Stewart

Jeb Stewart is a lawyer in Birmingham, Alabama, who enjoys taking his sons (Nolan and Ryan) and his wife Stephanie to the Rickwood Classic each year. He has been a SABR member since 2012, and is a Board Member of the Friends of Rickwood Field. He is a regular contributor to the Rickwood Times newspaper and has presented at the annual Southern Association Baseball Conference. He saw his first games at Yankee Stadium in 2006 and witnessed Derek Jeter get his 2,000th hit against the Kansas City Royals. On September 8, 2006 he saw Cory Lidle pitch at Baltimore’s Camden Yards, although the Yankees lost, 9-4, as Lidle unraveled on the mound. He spent most of his youth pitching a tennis ball against his front porch steps, hoping a Yankees scout would happen by and discover him. Although he remains undiscovered, he still has a passion for baseball.



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