Auker-Seminick Chapter meeting recap - 10/13/2012

George Gedda and Manny ActaGeorge Gedda and Manny ActaFormer Cleveland Indians and Washington Nationals manager Manny Acta and Dr. Susan Dellinger, granddaughter of Hall of Famer Edd Roush participated in the Auker-Seminick Chapter (Central Florida) meeting on Saturday, October 13, 2012. The Auker-Seminick chapter met in St. Cloud, Florida, just south of Orlando.

Acta, who was relieved of his manager's job with the Cleveland Indians in mid-September, related the challenges that Latin ballplayers face in today's baseball development environment and the described how the cultural and language experiences they encounter as they adjust to living in America. He also drew from his managerial experience to describe what a major league manager encounters in managing a large group of young, talented athletes and what is required to get the most from them.

Dr. Susan Dellinger shared memorabilia from Edd Roush's storied career and fascinating information unearthed while researching her grandfather's career, as well as the careers and experiences of Edd Roush's teammates. She told the attendees that the motion picture industry is considering a movie based on Edd Roush's experience in the 1919 World Series, based on the perspective of the Cincinnati Reds, as opposed to that of the Black Sox, whose experience has already been well chronicled.

— Rod Caborn

Dr. Susan DellingerDr. Susan Dellinger

Aucker-Semnick Chapter meetingAucker-Semnick Chapter meeting

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