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Baseball’s Biggest Blowout Games, edited by Bill Nowlin

Baseball’s Biggest Blowout Games
Edited by Bill Nowlin
Associate editors: Len Levin and Carl Riechers
ISBN (paperback): 978-1-9701-5943-1, $24.95
ISBN (ebook): 978-1-9701-5942-4, $9.99
8.5″ x 11″, 396 pages

Baseball’s Biggest Blowout Games tells the story of the most lopsided games in major-league baseball history.

The biggest blowout game in major-league history was on August 22, 2007, when the Texas Rangers beat the Baltimore Orioles, 30-3. That’s a 27-run differential. It eclipsed the 25 runs between the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Browns on June 8, 1950, at Fenway Park, a game that ended up 29-4. And that game had followed a blowout from the very day before: Red Sox 20, Browns 4. That’s a back-to-back blowout total of 49-8.

If you’re an Orioles fan, you might not want to revisit that 30-3 game but you can revel in the September 28, 2000, game in which the O’s beat the Blue Jays, 23-1.

We have included the top four games for each franchise, so every fan can have a chance to read about his or her team winning big. Then we snuck in the six biggest blowout games from postseason history, too.

This project is the collaborative work of 77 members of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR). These 126 game accounts are part of SABR’s Games Project.

Contributors include: Steve Behnke, Gary Belleville, Stephen D. Boren, Thomas J. Brown Jr., Robert Brustad, Frederick C. (Rick) Bush, Ralph Caola, Gabriella Carr, Ken Carrano, Alan Cohen, Richard Cuicchi, Daniel J. DiNardo, Bruce G. Enos, Greg Erion, Scott Fletcher, Adam Foldes, Brian Frank, Adrian Fung, Gordon J. Gattie, Steven Glassman, Tom Hawthorn, Brent Heutmaker, John Paul Hill, Paul Hofmann, Mike Huber, Chuck Johnson, Chris Jones, Jeff Kallman, Zach Kleiman, Anders Koskinen, Justin Krueger, Jeff Laing, Kevin Larkin, Bob LeMoine, Len Levin, Mike Lynch, Diane MacLennan, Andrew Milner, Lea Moss, Jeff Nayadley, Bill Nowlin, Mark Panuthos, Laura Peebles, Jacob Pomrenke, David W. Pugh, Alan Raylesberg, Carmen Reale, Dave Rickard, Carl Riechers, Joel Rippel, Benjamin Sabin, Louis H. Schiff, Harry Schoger, Thomas E. Schott, Joe Schuster, Peter Seidel, Andrew Sharp, Blake W. Sherry, Mark S. Sternman, Creg Stephenson, Andy Terrick, Stew Thornley, Bob Timmermann, Tony Valley, Joseph Wancho, Darin Watson, Bob Webster, Steven C. Weiner, Steve West, Herb Wilson, Daniel Winkler, Jim Wohlenhaus, Gregory H. Wolf, Graham Womack, Brian Wood, Brian Wright, and Jack Zerby.

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