Forbes Field Chapter meeting recap - 3/29/2014

Forbes Field Chapter meeting recap
March 29, 2014

Joe Guzzardi began the meeting with his tales of how players and batters felt about Ted Williams and a personal recollection of Williams' friendship with Joe's mother.

Craig Britcher then delivered a very well-researched presentation on Moses Fleetwood Walker and his last game which was played against the Pittsburgh Alleghenies.

We then viewed a short clip of the file: "Baseball's Last Hero: 21 Clemente Stories" in which the members saw many inaccuracies.

Wayne Patterson, Commissioner of Category League Baseball, visited from Washington, D.C. and amused us with the naming of players on his cleverly created league.

We were then introduced to the "10 best books you never read", highlighting 10 must-read baseball books.

After one of Joe Elinich's challenging trivia contests, we viewed Tony Melodia's impressive Starling Marte collection of memorabilia.

We are anxiously looking forward to our first "Hot Stove Luncheon" in June.

— George Skornickel

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