2017 SABR Analytics: MLB Advanced Media Statcast Panel

We're excited to announce the featured speakers for our MLB Advanced Media Statcast Panel at the 2017 SABR Analytics Conference.

All baseball fans are welcome to attend the SABR Analytics Conference, March 9-11 in Phoenix, Arizona. Early registration is still available through February 15, so sign up today to join us at SABR.org/analytics.

The MLB Statcast Panel will include:

  • Tom Tango is the Senior Data Architect, Stats at MLB Advanced Media and is the co-author of The Book: Playing the Percentages in Baseball. He also developed the Tangotiger.com website, where fans and analysts will find a large number of research pieces devoted to sabermetrics. Tom has previously worked as a consultant for major-league teams in baseball and hockey.
  • Mike Petriello is a Stats Analyst for MLB Advanced Media and writes daily about Statcast and advanced metrics for MLB.com and each of the 30 club sites, bringing the latest in stats to the baseball public. He can also regularly be seen on MLB Network, is the host of the Statcast Podcast. Prior to joining MLBAM, he wrote for FanGraphs and ESPN.
  • Daren Willman is the Director of Baseball Research and Development for MLB Advanced Media. He spearheads socially fan driven content featuring Statcast in his work for MLBAM. He developed the popular data websites BaseballSavant.com, MLBfarm.com, and NFLsavant.com. Previously, he was the lead software architect at the Harris County District Attorney's Office in Houston.

Click here to read bios for all of our speakers and panelists. All speakers are subject to change based on availability.

To learn more about the 2017 SABR Analytics Conference, visit SABR.org/analytics.

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