BPP: The Inner Circle Hall of Fame

The debate over the very best baseball players of all time — the Inner Circle, so to speak — has raged on ever since the Baseball Hall of Fame opened its doors in 1939.

Over at Baseball Past and Present, SABR member Graham Womack put it to a vote: Choose your top 50 Inner Circle Hall of Famers, the cream of the crop. Then he compiled an inner circle of top baseball writers to write about the players who made the cut.

SABR members who contributed to the Inner Circle project included: Mark Armour, Michael Clair, Ev Cope, Nick Diunte, Dan Evans, Diane Firstman, Stacey Gotsulias, Larry Granillo, Albert Lang, Julian Levine, Peter J. Nash, Rob Neyer, Jacob Pomrenke, Dave Studenmund, Brandon Warne, Graham Womack and Geoff Young.

You can read all 50 essays here:

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