Cameron: Looking up R.A. Dickey's strikeouts on FanGraphs

From Dave Cameron at FanGraphs on June 19, 2012:

R.A. Dickey leads the Majors in strikeouts. He has more than Stephen Strasburg, more than Justin Verlander, more than Gio Gonzalez. Nobody in baseball has generated as many strike threes as R.A. Dickey. Since he has never done anything like this before — his next strikeout will actually match his 2010 total — people are asking him what he’s doing differently. After his second straight one hitter last night, Dickey was asked this again. His response:

“The strikeouts, you can look at FanGraphs or PITCHF/x or whatever you do to figure it out.”

Who are we to turn R.A. Dickey away? So, by order of the guy actually doing it on the field, let’s do just what he asked.

Let’s start off the with obvious – Dickey is seeing a huge uptick in his strikeout rate because he’s getting a lot more swinging strikes. This isn’t a Vance Worley or Bartolo Colon situation. Dickey is throwing pitches, batters are swinging, and they’re not making contact.

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