Hill: Timely book titles for Black History Month

From SABR member Benjamin Hill at on February 15, 2013:

Every day this month, we at are running articles from our archives that commemorate Black History Month in the Minor Leagues. The individuals profiled in these articles are a diverse bunch, from indefatigable 19th century trailblazers (Bud Fowler and Moses Fleetwood Walker) to little-known Jackie Robinson cohorts (Roy Wright and John Partlow) to integration-era Minor League superstars (Sam Jethroe, Butch McCord) and beyond.

When I began writing for in 2005, my own knowledge of this aspect of baseball history was spotty at best, but the opportunity to research and write about it led to a much greater appreciation of (and interest in) what these athletes went through. Their stories, taken together, serve as a societal mirror that reflects America's ever-evolving attitude toward race relations.

This edition of Ben's Bookshelf, then, is dedicated to some of the many books that help to illuminate the experiences of black professional baseball players. Further recommendations and feedback are always appreciated -- feel free to leave them in the comments section, via email or on Twitter.

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