Jaffe: 20 ways to improve baseball right now

From SABR member Jay Jaffe at on March 28, 2013:

The new season that begins on Sunday night will usher in yet another major change to a sport that has seen its share over the past 20 years. Houston’s switch to the American League leaves two leagues of 15 teams apiece, broken evenly into three five-team divisions, necessitating year-round interleague play. On the heels of last year’s major development — the addition of a second wild-card team in each league and an extra postseason game between them — we know more big changes are in store (expanded instant replay chief among them).

With first pitch just around the corner, it’s time to take stock of where baseball is, where it’s going and, perhaps more importantly, where it should go. Here are 20 ways the national pastime could be made even better.

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