Nominations for SABR Secretary will be open until June 24

The recent election of Vince Gennaro as president will create an opening as Secretary on SABR's Board of Directors. Here is the section of SABR’s bylaws covering vacancies on the board:

4.3. Vacancies. If there is a vacancy on the Board of Directors at the time of the Annual Business Meeting, or if the winner of an election declines or is for any reason unable to serve, a replacement shall be elected at the Annual Business Meeting to serve until the next election, at which time the Members shall elect a replacement for the unexpired term. If a vacancy occurs on the Board of Directors for any reason at any other time, it shall be filled by two-thirds vote of the remaining members of the Board until the next election, at which time the Members shall elect a replacement for the unexpired term.

Technically, there is no vacancy on the Board “at the time of the Annual Business Meeting” because the results of this year’s election do not go into effect until the end of the Business Meeting. However, in order to promote transparency and invoke the provision of the Bylaws that states “a replacement shall be elected at the Annual Business Meeting”, the Board has approved the following procedure to choose a new secretary.

Vince has tendered his resignation as Secretary effective during the Business Meeting. Thus, it will be possible for those attending the meeting, rather than the board, to choose the new secretary.

Nominations to replace him as Secretary are now open and shall remain open until midnight EDT on June 24. Anyone who wishes to nominate themselves or another member should e-mail the nomination to both and The nominations will be made public on the SABR website, SABR-L and the Yahoo! group BRSP as soon as the candidate’s qualifications are checked against the requirements in Section 3.1 of the Bylaws.

Nominations in advance will allow the candidates to introduce themselves, outline their ideas and answer questions on BRSP. The new secretary will be chosen at the Annual Business Meeting. After non-members have been excused from the room, we will pass out paper ballots with all the candidates names listed. If there are more than two candidates, we will use Instant Runoff Voting. (See Section 9.3.2 of the Bylaws for a description of this process. It was the one used in this spring’s Director’s election.)

If there are any questions, please direct them to me.

Thank you all for your continued support of SABR.

Andy McCue, President

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