SABR 41: Lebowitz Elected to Fill Remaining Year on Secretary's Term

LIVE FROM LONG BEACH — As a member of the Tellers' Committee for the special election — along with committee chair Dick Beverage and Mike McCullough — I am here to announce the results of the special election held during the Annual Business Meeting on Thursday morning at SABR 41.

A total of 96 votes were cast.  The first-round result was:

  • /Chris Dial  --  17  (17.7%)/
  • Anthony Giacalone  --  20  (20.8%)
  • Todd Lebowitz  --  33  (34.5%)
  • Ty Waterman  --  26  (27.1%)

Because no one received a majority on round 1, we applied the Instant Runoff Voting methodology prescribed in SABR's Bylaws. The lowest-ranked candidate (Dial) was removed, and his ballots were assigned to the 2nd-ranked candidate thereon. The result of round 2 was:

  • /Anthony Giacalone  --  26  (27.1%)/
  • Todd Lebowitz  --  39  (40.6%)
  • Ty Waterman  --  31  (32.3%)

Again, no candidate received a majority of the valid votes, so the IRV methodology was applied again:

  • Todd Lebowitz  --  54  (*57.4%*)
  • Ty Waterman  --  40  (42.6%)
  • no vote  --  2

Thus, Todd Lebowitz has been elected to fill out the remaining year of the Secretary's term in office. A regular, scheduled election for Secretary will be held in 2012.

— Neal Traven

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