Uni Watch: Top 10 biggest MLB uniform oddities

From SABR member Paul Lukas at on June 7, 2012:

At first glance, the Chicago Cubs appear to wear fairly standard, traditional-looking uniforms. Take a closer look, though, and all sorts of anomalies become apparent: The Cubs use an embroidered helmet logo appliqué, instead of a flat decal; have a circle-R trademark symbol on their home jersey's chest logo; wear their primary logo on the upper-left thigh of their road pants; and wear the National League logo as a sleeve patch on their blue alternate jersey. All of these are unique uniform quirks -- no other MLB team has anything like them.

There are plenty of other uni-related eccentricities lurking out there on the diamond. You just have to be sharp-eyed enough to spot them. That, of course, is Uni Watch's stock in trade, so here's a top-10 list of today's MLB uniform oddities. Some refer to specific players, others to specific teams, and a few are micro-trends shared by several players, but all stick out like sore thumbs -- once you take the time to notice them.

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