Appendix 1: Billy Hamilton’s 1894 Runs Scored

By Herm Krabbenhoft

This article was published in the Fall 2016 Baseball Research Journal.

Find supplemental research for the BRJ article on Billy Hamilton’s 1894 Runs Scored. This appendix is related to the article, "Discrepancy in an All-Time MLB Record: Billy Hamilton’s 1894 Runs Scored," by Herm Krabbenhoft, Keith Carlson, David Newman, and Richard “Dixie” Tourangeau. Click here to view or download the folder containing 15 appendix files at The files in the appendix folder include the following: Appendix 1 APPENDIX 1A — Details for Runs Scored by the 1894 Philadelphia Phillies — April 1894 APPENDIX 1B — Details for Runs . . .

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