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Welcome to the Oral History Committee!

Founded in 1986, SABR's Oral History Committee has the primary purpose of preserving baseball history through recording interviews. Such interviews typically explore a player biography's and involvement in notable games in depth, thus allowing for some of the most probing and authoritative accounts in existence. In many cases, the Oral History Committee recording may be the most comprehensive account of a player's career in existence.

Over time, the Committee's work has included lengthy interviews with well-known and lesser-known players and has helped to preserve the historical record and to provide for recollections of baseball history which exist in no other place. Many interviewers have found Interviews with so called cup-of-coffee players can be as illuminating as interviews with baseball's biggest names.

Any member of SABR's Oral History is invited to conduct interviews. Subjects typically are former players, but they can also include managers, umpires, executives, journalists or anyone with a connection to the game. Interviews are maintained by SABR, and digitized versions, as they become available, will be posted online soon. Going forward, the Committee plans to conduct most interviews in a digital format.

Guidelines for conducting and completing interviews are available from the Committee. Anyone interested in conducting original interviews or in donating collections of previously-conducted interviews should contact Committee Chair John McMurray.

The committee has collaborated with the National Baseball Hall of Fame Library to form two centers — Cooperstown, New York, and SABR headquarters — for the storage and distribution of the tapes and disks. The development of a web-based streaming audio application accessible to SABR members is a committee goal. Click here to learn more about the interviews in the SABR Oral History Collection as we work to make them available for download.

The committee offers guidelines for conducting effective oral history interviews, maintains a list of SABR's oral history library, and also publishes an annual report detailing the activities of the members.

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