SABR Lending Library

Because some local libraries do not have many baseball research resources, SABR has operated a microfilm library since 1974. Members in good standing are able to check out up to three reels of microfilm by U.S. Mail at a time for a three (3) week period (plus an additional 3 weeks if necessary.) You can take the reel to your local library (or anywhere else a microfilm reader may be) and conduct your research. Deborah Jayne coordinates the SABR Lending Library. 


Contents of the SABR Lending Library

Sporting Life, April 15, 1883- Feb. 24, 1917
The Sporting News, Mar. 1886-Dec. 1974
Baseball Magazine, Nov. 1910-1954
The New York Clipper, 1857-1883 (various)
Henry Chadwick Scrapbooks, 1860-1905 (various)
Henry Chadwick Diaries, 1860-1905
Albert Spalding Scrapbooks, 1874-1913
Harry Wright Correspondence, 1878-1885
Cincinnati Red Stockings Scrapbooks, 1868-1870
Knickerbocker Base Ball Club Books, 1845-1868
Paterson Daily Guardian: June 13, 1896 - Dec. 28, 1896
Paterson Evening News: Mar. 4, 1896 - Aug. 14, 1896
Paterson Evening News: Jan. 18, 1897 - Jul. 16, 1897

Ph.D. Dissertations & Masters Theses:
The Rise of Major League Baseball to 1891, by Harold Seymour (1956)
A Historical Dictionary of Baseball Terminology, by Edward Nichols (1939)
Professional Baseball & American Culture in the Progressive Era, by Steven A Reiss

Book lending library includes:
Spalding Guides, 1877-1905
Reach Guides, 1883-1905
Players League Guide, 1890
Balldom (Moreland, 1914)
The Baseball Cyclopedia (Lanigan, 1922)

For more information about SABR's Lending Library, contact Deborah Jayne by e-mail at or mail your request to:

ASU Cronkite School
555 N. Central Ave. #416
Phoenix, AZ 85004