BioProject Staff

The Baseball Biography Project would not succeed without the a very large group of dedicated volunteers.



Mark Armour

BioProject chair
Contact Mark to join the project or to start a subproject within another committee or local chapter.

Rory Costello

Chief Editor
Contact Rory if you are interested in joining our team of editors or to submit your finished biography draft.

Jan Finkel

Senior Editor, Emeritus
Contact Jan with questions about the editorial process.

Len Levin

Senior Editor
Contact Len with questions about the editorial process.

Warren Corbett

Chief Fact Checker
Contact Warren if you have information about a player that would help a biographer.

Bill Nowlin

Team Projects
Contact Bill about ideas for ongoing or future team projects.

Lyle Spatz

Contact Lyle to sign up for one or more BioProject subjects.

Emily Hawks

Modern Initiative: 1980s-90s
Contact Emily if you are interested in writing biographies about more recent players (1980s-90s).

Scott Ferkovich

Ballparks Project
Contact Scott if you are particularly interested in researching or writing about ballparks.

Gregory H. Wolf

Contact Gregory with questions about editing team books.


To make a correction

If you find a factual error or inaccuracy in any BioProject biography, please e-mail Jacob Pomrenke and include documentation/sourcing for the correction you wish to make.


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