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The primary goal of the Baseball Biography Project is to enliven the people behind the statistical records that are so readily available. While doing so, the project will also encourage quality research and writing, energize SABR's regional chapters, provide SABR with a large, unifying project, and provide tools and procedures to encourage research co-ordination.

On June 26, 2002, SABR's Executive Board approved the formation of the BioProject Committee. The committee houses the Baseball Biography Project, whose purpose is to solicit, write, edit, and maintain high quality journal-length biographies of every player who ever played in the major leagues, as well as any other person connected with baseball in a significant way.

All biographies are written by members of the Society for American Baseball Research. All biographies have been reviewed for style and accuracy. They are still considered works in progress and will be updated as errors are discovered. All biographies on this site are jointly the property of SABR and the author.

The BioProject website can be found here:

Newsletters, annual reports, guidelines, etc., can be found below:

  • BioProject FAQs: Frequently asked questions to help you get started or get more involved with the BioProject.
  • Research Tips: There are no hard and fast rules for how one should approach the research of a biographical subject. Different methods are required to research a Hall of Famer and a "cup of coffee" player. Here are some tips.
  • Author's Guidelines: These are guidelines about how to properly submit your biography.
  • SABR Style Guide: An A to Z guide for correct usage of most baseball terms when writing for a SABR publication.
  • Formatting Your Biography and Source Citations: Here are instructions on how to correctly format your bibliography and end notes.
  • Inserting Hyperlinks into SABR Articles: Here are instructions on how to add hyperlinks to player biographies to your article in Microsoft Word.
  • Writing a Ballpark Biography: A guide to contributing to the SABR Baseball Ballparks Project.
  • SABR Baseball Games Project: Find more information on the new SABR Baseball Games Project. 
  • Group Projects: The BioProject encourages and supports team- or region-based group projects. This is a list of projects already published or projects that are under way.
  • Contacts: This is a list of our staff.
  • Annual Reports/Newsletters: Past committee annual reports and newsletters can be viewed here