SABR 41 Research Presentations

Here is the complete schedule of SABR 41 research presentations for Thursday, July 7 through Saturday, July 9.

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Thursday, July 7

12:30-12:55 p.m.

RP1: Most Runs Batted In: By an Individual Player — During a Single Season — In the American League, by Herm Krabbenhoft and Trent McCotter, Catalina Room

RP2: The Wonder Team in the White City: U.V.M. at the Intercollegiate Base Ball Tournament of 1893, by Tom Simon, Pacific Room

1-1:25 p.m.

RP3: Organized Baseball Circles the Wagons and Silences the Whistle-Blower, 1912, by Steve Steinberg, Catalina Room

RP4: Fielder Jones, the Offensive Efficiency Paradox of His Hitless Wonders, and How They Stunned the Cubs in the 1906 World Series By Playing Against Type, by  Bryan Soderholm-Difatte, Pacific Room

2:30-2:55 p.m.

RP5: The Joe Morgan Trade, by Mark Armour, Catalina Room

RP6: Integration in Cleveland – The Indians, the Negro Leagues, and Local Media Involvement, by Stephanie Liscio, Pacific Room

3-3:25 p.m.

RP7: Toolson's Secrets: A Close Call for the Baseball Antitrust Exemption, by Ross Davies, Catalina Room

RP8: Larry Doby: The Forgotten Pioneer, by John Burbridge and John Harris, Pacific Room

3:30-3:55 p.m.

RP9: Scouting the Americas for Latino Giants: Alex Pompez and a “Latino” Approach to Talent Acquisition, by Adrian Burgos Jr., Catalina Room

RP10: Integrating the Pacific Coast League: A Social History of Integration, by Amy Essington, Pacific Room

4-4:25 p.m.

RP11: Mexican American Baseball in Los Angeles: A Pictorial History of Baseball from East LA to Dodger Stadium, by Francisco Balderrama and Richard Santillan, Catalina Room

RP12: The Curse of the Lack of Blackness: How Opposition to Integration Hurt the Short and Long-term Success of Baseball Franchises, by Daryl Grigsby, Pacific Room

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Friday, July 8

10-10:25 a.m.

RP13: John McGraw Fights His Way Through Early Prohibition, by Dan Levitt, Catalina Room

RP14: Baseball Brothers: Kenichi Zenimura and Nisei-Negro Leagues Competition in California, by Bill Staples Jr., Pacific Room

10:30-10:55 a.m.

RP15: Getting No Satisfaction: The San Francisco Giants of 1965, by Steve Treder (part 1 of dual presentation with Anthony Giacalone from 10:30-11:25 a.m.), Catalina Room

RP16: Ken Williams: From Oregon to the St. Louis Browns, by Steve Krevisky, Pacific Room

11-11:25 a.m. 

RP17:But for the Tense Situation Locally"…: The Los Angeles Dodgers and Summer of 1965, by Anthony Giacalone (part 2 of dual presentation with Steve Treder from 10:30-11:25 a.m.), Catalina Room

RP18: Not All No-decisions Are Created Equal: Evaluating a Little-examined Pseudo Statistic, by Gilbert Martinez, Pacific Room

11:30-11:55 a.m.  

RP19: Baseball’s 7 Deadly Myths, by John Holway, Catalina Room

RP20: The Quest for Baseball's Missing Treasures, by David Stephan and Trent McCotter, Pacific Room

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Saturday, July 9

9:30-10 a.m.

RP21: Did No Lights at Wrigley Hurt the Cubs?, by Mark Pankin, Catalina Room

RP22: In Search of the Greatest Game Ever Played in Dixie, by John Simpson, Pacific Room

10-10:25 a.m.

RP23: Examining Home Field Advantage, by Phil Birnbaum, Catalina Rooma

RP24: Induction Day at Cooperstown: A History of the Baseball Hall of Fame Ceremony, by Dennis Corcoran, Pacific Room

10:30-10:55 a.m.

RP25: Are Umpires Really Harder on Rookies? Historical Background and Analysis Results, by Patrick Kilgo, Jeff Switchenko, Hillary Superak, Paul Weiss, Lisa Elon, Brian Schmotzer, Lance Waller, Catalina Room

RP26: Andy Cohen: A Manager’s Manager, by Dick Rosen, Pacific Room

11-11:25 a.m.

RP27: Starting Pitching Staffs and Pitching Rotations, by David W. Smith, Catalina Room

RP28: The Fred Haney Stories, by Jim Gordon, Pacific Room

11:30-11:55 a.m.

RP29: A Starting Pitcher Rating System, by Vince Gennaro, Catalina Room

RP30: Baseball’s Greatest Postseason Series, by Eric Weiss, Pacific Room

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