2013 Overlooked 19th Century Baseball Legend preliminary election results

The results for the 2013 Primary Election are in: We have 10 candidates for the 2013 SABR Overlooked 19th Century Baseball Legend.

In June, SABR members will have a chance to vote for one of these 10 candidates with the winner to be announced at the Nineteenth Century Committee meeting at SABR 43, July 31-August 4, 2013, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

A total of 219 Nineteenth Century Committee members participated in the 2013 primary election. Here are the 10 finalists and the number of votes they received:

  • Ross Barnes (154)
  • Tony Mullane (150)
  • Bob Caruthers (138)
  • Jack Glasscock (137)
  • Doc Adams (123)
  • Jim Creighton (111)
  • Paul Hines (111)
  • Dummy Hoy (104)
  • Bobby Mathews (102)
  • Al Reach (98)

Here are the rest of the voting totals from the 2013 Primary Election:

  • Bud Fowler (93)
  • Chris Von der Ahe (92)
  • Dickey Pearce (90)
  • George Van Haltren (89)
  • Cal McVey (85)
  • Jimmy Ryan (82)
  • Joe Start (71)
  • Charlie Bennett (63)
  • George Gore (60)
  • Jim Mutrie (50)
  • Lip Pike (49)
  • Jim McCormick (45)
  • Dick McBride (41)
  • Joe Leggett (32)
  • Mike Griffin (20)

Bios for all 25 preliminary candidates can be found here. (PDF)

A complete list of the write-ins that were gathered during the primary election for possible placement on the 2014 primary election ballot will be available after the announcement of the 2013 Overlooked Legend.

Here is the list of past Overlooked Legend winners:

For more information on the Overlooked Nineteenth Century Baseball Legends project, visit

— Joe Williams, Charles Faber and Bob Gregory
19th Century Overlooked Baseball Legends Project Committee

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