Retroactive All-Star Game Project

The 1932 All-Star Game is Coming!
The Voice of the Fan Will Be Heard!

In these trying times, fraught with uncertainty about what might lie around the bend tomorrow, there is comfort in the confidence of knowing that certain traditions can always be counted on to take place, year after year, without fail. The All Star Game is one of those traditions.

And in the tradition of All Star Games going back to 1916, we are dependent upon you, the Knowing Fan, to determine who among the current greats of the Game will be worthy of the coveted starting assignments when that first pitch is thrown.

When the tradition started, the vaunted names of Home Run Baker, Hans Wagner, Zack Wheat and Walter Johnson were among those that appeared at the top of that generation’s ballots. This generation of stars is no less deserving of the honor that you will bestow upon them with your own vote.

This year’s game will be played at Shibe Park, home of Phillies, who will act as hosts on behalf of the National League, on Tuesday, July 12. But the vote is open TODAY, right now, and the clarion call is being made!

Will YOU answer that call? If so, do it TODAY! Do NOT delay! Cast your ballot for the 1932 All Star Game starters!

The games will be played using Out of the Park 14, and the game account and box score will be posted over at

Voting is now closed for the Retroactive All-Star Game Project.

Stay tuned for a complete report on the project from Chuck Hildebrandt and Mike Lynch at

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Retroactive All-Star Game results

Season Dates Field City Winner Recap
1916 July 14-16 Comiskey Park Chicago, IL NL, 2-1
Click here
1917 July 13-15 Polo Grounds New York, NY AL, 2-1
Click here
1918 Canceled (war)

1919 July 19 Fenway Park
Boston, MA
NL, 4-3
Click here
1920 July 17 Braves Field
Boston, MA
AL, 6-0
Click here
1921 July 16 Dunn Field
Cleveland, OH
AL, 10-8
Click here
1922 July 11 Forbes Field
Pittsburgh, PA
AL, 11-2
Click here
1923 July 10 Yankee Stadium
New York, NY
NL, 10-8
Click here
1924 July 8 Wrigley Field
Chicago, IL
NL, 6-1
Click here
1925 July 14 Shibe Park
Philadelphia, PA
AL, 19-5
Click here
1926 July 13 Sportsman's Park
St. Louis, MO
NL, 11-5
Click here
1927 July 12 Griffith Stadium
Washington, DC
NL, 4-2
Click here
1928 July 10 Redland Field
Cincinnati, OH
AL, 13-0 Click here
1929 July 9 Sportsman's Park
St. Louis, MO
AL, 10-7
Click here
1930 July 8 Ebbets Field
Brooklyn, NY
NL, 8-6
Click here
1931 July 14 Navin Field
Detroit, MI
AL, 5-3
Click here
1932 July 12 Shibe Park
Philadelphia, PA
AL, 6-2
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This project was created and organized by Chuck Hildebrandt, chair of SABR's Baseball and the Media Research Committee. Recaps and box scores are compiled by Mike Lynch. For more information, contact Chuck.

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