SABR Trivia Contest Winners

The annual SABR Convention Trivia Contest is for all baseball fans. Every convention attendee is welcome to test their knowledge against SABR’s best!

The Trivia Contest is inclusive, accessible, informative and, above all, interesting. You’ll certainly be impressed by the depth of knowledge of fellow SABR members, but you might also be impressed by your own. We hope you’ll participate.

We steadfastly maintain that there is nothing trivial about baseball trivia. Come watch SABR’s best as they try to answer questions that are presented in ascending difficulty. The early-round questions will be at a relatively easy starting point, while the late-round questions, though more difficult, will still interest casual fans. Who will win the next SABR Trivia Contest? Come watch to find out.

How do you enter? Click here to view the Trivia Contest Guidelines for SABR 46. Show up for the preliminaries, usually held on Thursday night, and follow the directions given. The preliminaries are a written test.

There are separate tests for the Individual competition and the Team competition, and you must decide beforehand in which competition you will participate. The top four teams will compete in the semifinals, with the Individual and Team Finals usually taking place on Saturday evening.

Trivia Contest winners

Here are the past winners dating to 1982. Scroll further down to find a list of the top all-time champions (individual, team and total). If you can help fill in the gaps or have any corrections, please contact Jacob Pomrenke at Special thanks to Mark Armour and D. Bruce Brown for helping to compile this chart.

YearCityIndividualTeamTeam MembersMC
1979St. Louis
1980Los Angeles
1982BaltimoreEastRon LiebmanTed DiTullioAl BlumkinBob Davids
1983MilwaukeeWestArt AhrensEddie GoldRichard ToppSteve BorenBob Davids
1984ProvidenceRon LiebmanTed DiTullioMike GetzJohn GrabowskiGerry Beirne
1985OaklandBill CarleJamie SelkoEd GoldsteinBob Davids
1986ChicagoBill CarleJamie SelkoEd GoldsteinJeff NeumannBob Davids
1987WashingtonRon LiebmanTed DiTullioEddie GoldMike LawrenceBob Davids
1988MinneapolisRon LiebmanTed DiTullioEddie GoldJohn Holway
1989AlbanyWheeze KidsAl BlumkinTom ZoccoDick ThompsonScott Flatow
1990ClevelandWheeze KidsAl BlumkinTom ZoccoDick ThompsonKen SamelsonMike Sparrow
1991New YorkDick BeverageBill CarleDavid NemecJon DanielsBob Slade
1992St. LouisEric PeselowRon LiebmanBob BaileyJim Wyman
1993San DiegoJamie SelkoDavid NemecDick BeverageBill CarleEd Luteran
1994ArlingtonWheeze KidsAl BlumkinTom ZoccoDick ThompsonKen SamelsonEd Luteran
1995PittsburghDavid NemecWheeze KidsAl BlumkinTom ZoccoDick ThompsonScott FlatowEd Luteran
1996Kansas CityJon DanielsWheeze KidsAl BlumkinTom ZoccoDick ThompsonRoss AdellEd Luteran
1997LouisvillePete PalmerMark KanterDon ZmindaEddie GoldRich KleinEd Luteran
1998San MateoAl BlumkinMark KanterSteve NadelEddie GoldRich KleinEd Luteran
1999ScottsdaleAl BlumkinArnie BraunsteinSteve KreviskyRoss AdellIra SiegelEd Luteran
2000W. Palm BeachBill CarleDavid NemecRobert TiemannMark KanterEd Luteran
2001MilwaukeeScott FlatowDavid NemecMark KanterEddie GoldMike CaraglianoEd Luteran
2002BostonDick Cramer(Masters)David NemecMark KanterSteve KreviskyEd Luteran
2002BostonMike Caragliano(Rookies)Bill DeaneDave ZemanEric WeissEd Luteran
2003DenverAlain UsereauMark KanterMike CaraglianoRobert TiemannEd Luteran
2004CincinnatiCary SmithMike CaraglianoJim LindbergRobert TiemannDavid NemecAl Blumkin
2005TorontoJoseph KowalRoss AdellSteve KreviskyTy WatermanRob RafalAl Blumkin
2006SeattleDavid FleitzAlain UsereauJoe StantonMichael PoplawskiArnie BraunsteinDamian Begley
2007St. LouisDavid FleitzBobby Shantz All-StarsMark KanterDave ZemanRich KleinEric WeissCory Schwartz
2008ClevelandDavid FleitzDick CramerJim LindbergTrent McCotterPete PalmerDavid Nemec
2009WashingtonMike CaraglianoSteve KreviskyAlain UsereauEric WeissRob RafalBruce Brown
2010AtlantaBill CarleBill GilbertRobert TiemannDave RaglinJohn RickertBruce Brown
2011Long BeachBill CarleThe BrothersSteve KreviskyMike CaraglianoTy WatermanJoe StantonBruce Brown
2012MinneapolisMike CaraglianoShea Is Our DumpSteve KreviskyMike CaraglianoTy WatermanMark KanterBruce Brown
2013PhiladelphiaMike CaraglianoThe Researchers’ WingBill DeaneTrent McCotterGabriel SchechterTom ShieberBruce Brown
2014HoustonDan MasseyThe Misspelled TulowitskisSteve KreviskyRob RafalTy WatermanMark KanterBruce Brown
2015ChicagoRob Rafal3 Davids
and a Mark
David FleitzDavid NemecDave ZemanMark KanterBruce Brown
2016MiamiRob RafalOctavio Dotel
Appreciation Society
David FleitzRob RafalBill CarleMark KanterBruce Brown
2017New YorkDan MasseyBoc-c-a-BELLA!Mike CaraglianoRob RafalBill CarleMark KanterBruce Brown
2018PittsburghDan MasseyFour StrangersDavid FleitzVince GuerrieriTom NesterJamie SelkoBruce Brown
2019San DiegoBill CarleTrivia TwoBill CarleJamie SelkoBruce Brown

Trivia Contest leaderboards

Courtesy of Steve Nadel, here are lists of the top all-time winners in the individual, team and total competitions:


Mike Caragliano4
Bill Carle4
David Fleitz3
Dan Massey3
Rob Rafal2
Al Blumkin2
Alain Usereau1
Cary Smith1
David Nemec1
Dick Cramer1
Jon Daniels1
Joseph Kowal1
Pete Palmer1
Scott Flatow1


Mark Kanter12
David Nemec7
Steve Krevisky7
Bill Carle7
Eddie Gold6
Mike Caragliano6
Al Blumkin6
Dick Thompson5
Tom Zocco5
Ron Liebman5
Rob Rafal5
Jamie Selko5
Ty Waterman4
Ted DiTullio4
Robert Tiemann4
David Fleitz3
Rich Klein3
Eric Weiss3
Dave Zeman3
Ross Adell3
Dick Beverage2
Ed Goldstein2
Jim Lindberg2
Joe Stanton2
Ken Samelson2
Alain Usereau2
Scott Flatow2
Bill Deane2
Trent McCotter2
Arnie Braunstein2
Bill Gilbert1
Bob Bailey1
Dave Raglin1
Dick Cramer1
Don Zminda1
Eric Peselow1
Ira Siegel1
Jeff Neumann1
Jim Wyman1
John Grabowski1
John Holway1
John Rickert1
Jon Daniels1
Michael Poplawski1
Mike Getz1
Mike Lawrence1
Pete Palmer1
Richard Topp1
Steve Boren1
Steve Nadel1
Art Ahrens1
Gabriel Schechter1
Tom Shieber1
Vince Guerreri1
Tom Nester1


Mark Kanter01212
Bill Carle4711
Mike Caragliano4610
David Nemec178
Al Blumkin257
Rob Rafal257
Steve Krevisky077
David Fleitz336
Eddie Gold066
Ron Liebman055
Dick Thompson055
Tom Zocco055
Jamie Selko055
Robert Tiemann044
Ty Waterman044
Ted DiTullio044
Scott Flatow123
Alain Usereau123
Eric Weiss033
Rich Klein033
Ross Adell033
Dave Zeman033
Dan Massey202
Dick Cramer112
Pete Palmer112
Jon Daniels112
Ed Goldstein022
Jim Lindberg022
Joe Stanton022
Ken Samelson022
Dick Beverage022
Arnie Braunstein022
Trent McCotter022
Bill Deane022
Cary Smith101
Joseph Kowal101
Bill Gilbert011
Bob Bailey011
Dave Raglin011
Don Zminda011
Eric Peselow011
Ira Siegel011
Jeff Neumann011
Jim Wyman011
John Grabowski011
John Holway011
John Rickert011
Michael Poplawski011
Mike Getz011
Mike Lawrence011
Richard Topp011
Steve Boren011
Steve Nadel011
Art Ahrens011
Gabriel Schechter011
Tom Shieber011
Vince Guerreri011
Tom Nester011

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