SABR-L Archives

L-Soft has introduced a simple user interface for reading, posting and searching the archives here.



The archive link above is the easiest way to search, but here's another way if you prefer:

The SABR-L mailing list archives are maintained by the list server in the form of log files. Each log file contains one week of mailing list activity and is named in the format LOGyymmx, where yymmx is:

yy is the two digit year
mm is the two digit month (numerical)
x is a single alphabetic character indicating the week of the month--A is days 1-7 of the month, B is 8-14, etc. (These are NOT calendar months.)
For example, LOG9908C would retrieve a list of messages from the week of August 15-21, 1999.

To get an individual log file, send a message to the list server LISTSERV@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM where the body of the message is "GET SABR-L LOGyymmx" and LOGyymmx is the log name of the file desired. You can also request posts by number, if you know the number you are looking for.

There are several ways to search the archives. There are a set of indexes of subject titles, and the server also provides search capabilities. For example to learn whether or not the Spalding and Reach Guides reprinted by the late Ralph Horton were available anywhere, you might first sent a message to LISTSERV@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM containing the message:

search Ralph Horton in SABR-L

A short time later you might get a response that listed the ten posts that contained the specified search string in the bodies (or subject) of the message. It will also give you a line that you can paste into a message to LISTSERV@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM to request those posts. This request might give you the following command to use:

GETPOST SABR-L 8042 11700 11726 11729 11757 13400 13918 13938 14978 15942

In addition to looking for a string in all the logs, you can also limit your search to a particular time period. A few examples:

Search Ralph in SABR-L since 99/07/03

Search Ralph in SABR-L from 98/09/30 to 99/02/15

Search Ralph in SABR-L until 97/11/01

There are a lot of other was to specify dates as well, but these are the most straightforward. You might need to do this from time to time because there is an upper limit of 100 matches that the server will return and searching on some of SABR-L's more popular topics (try, for example, "Search Pete Rose in SABR-L") will run up against that limit.

Actually, the search mechanism provided here is a lot more sophisticated than described here (or than most subscribers will ever need). If you like this sort of thing, however, see the Archive Search Functions document on the L-Soft site.