SABR-L: Note to AOL subscribers

Recently, service on LSoft lists was suspended to many subscribers who use AOL. The problem was that AOL removed LSoft from its list of allowed "bulk mail" senders after LSoft relocated the primary mail server for the former Apple lists from the United States to Sweden. This problem has since been recitified; however, there is another issue which may affect your ability to continue receiving E-mail from your LSoft-hosted listserv.

Sometimes AOL filters get a little too aggressive and put listmail and administrative messages in the spam folder. If these are not removed they are reported to AOL as spam. Unless subscribers check their spam folder during every mail session mail and mark all legitimate mail everything in there will be reported as spam. Following AOL's own instructions to filter mail from unwanted senders to the spam folder will cause those messages to be reported as spam. AOL monitors messages that are being reported as spam, and will remove LSoft from its list of approved senders if it receives "too many" such reports. While LSoft is also aggressively monitoring these reports, and taking prompt action to resolve them, LSoft has no control over what AOL chooses to do.

All AOL subscribers should take steps to make sure that they do not inadvertently flag LSoft-generated list mail as spam. To prevent list mail from being reported to AOL in error, please take the following steps.

1. Go to Keyword: "Spam Controls," click on "AOL's Advanced Spam Filter." Click "Clear Filter," then hit "Save." OR under "Spam Controls", click off "Mail filtered by AOL's Advanced Spam Filter."

2. Add the list mail address for all of your LSoft mailing lists to your online address book, AND/OR go to "Settings" click on tab "A to Z."
Click on "Address Book Settings," then click "Automatically add e-mail address to my Address Book, then click "Save."

3. Set your Spam Controls to save all blocked mail in the "spam folder."
Check the spam folder whenever you check your mail to see if list mail is being delivered there. If it is, click "This is not spam," to move it to your in box and cancel the report.

If after doing the above steps, list mail is still being delivered to your spam folder, you may wish to contact AOL or consider switching service providers.
Mike Emeigh
SABR-L Moderator