SABR Analytics Certification

COMING SOON! Whether you are a student or professional looking to set yourself apart as you break into the ultra-competitive baseball industry, or a broadcaster, coach, scout, or fan interested in gaining a better understanding of the present state and future of the game, the SABR Analytics Certification was created with you in mind.

The SABR Analytics Certification program is an online, on-demand curriculum offering professional development and learning opportunities for those interested in elevating their skills and knowledge relating to baseball analytics. The curriculum was developed by current baseball professionals, including employees of Major League Baseball and its clubs.

The first course in the program — Conversational Analytics and Critical Thinking in Baseball — will be available online in the coming weeks at This introductory exploration of baseball data and analytics will include examination of historical eras of analytics, descriptive vs. predictive data, metrics vs. statistics, key hitting, pitching, and fielding terms as well as practical applications of each, and player comparisons.

Click here to watch a preview of the program, from Level One course instructor Jake Stone of Penn State University:

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