Jerrold Casway

Dr. Jerrold (Jerry) Casway is the Dean and Professor Emeritus at Howard Community College in Columbia, Maryland. He has written many articles on nineteenth-century baseball and was a featured keynote speaker at the Baseball Hall of Fame. He has written a biography on Ed Delahanty in the Emerald Age of Baseball (2004) and McFarland will publish his book, The Culture and Ethnicity of Nineteenth-Century Baseball, in 2016.


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  • July 13, 1896: Ed Delahanty’s four-home run game
  • September 3, 1869: Inter-racial baseball in Philadelphia
  • July 16, 1866: Lipman Pike’s home run record
  • July 24, 1860: The first enclosed ballpark

SABR Journal Articles written by Jerrold Casway

  • Bacteria Beat the Phillies: The Deaths of Charlie Ferguson and Jimmy Fogarty
  • The Jefferson Street Ball Parks (1864–91)

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