Evelyn Begley

Evelyn joined SABR in 1974. She was the 200th person to join the organization and only the third woman in SABR. Evelyn left the organization for a few years but she has been very active since her return. Recently, she has served on the Nominating and Convention Committees. As part of the latter committee, Evelyn helped institute the Poster Award here at the convention.

Evelyn is the editor of the Casey Stengel Chapter newsletter in New York City. She also serves as coordinator of the Baseball Book Authors Reading Group in New York. Most people who attend conventions know her as the Video Historian of SABR.

Evelyn personifies the concept that SABR is about people. This was especially true last February when SABRites gathered for Bob Davids’ funeral. Evelyn’s natural ability to relate to people helped lift everyone’s spirits during that stressful time. She was a joy to watch.

Evelyn represents what is best about SABR: the grassroots organizing, the extensive chapter activities and the selfless service. Her self-effacing, humble and sincere personality fits so nicely with that of the founder.