27 Entertained at Forbes Field Chapter Meeting

The Forbes Field/Pittsburgh Chapter held its spring meeting at the Heinz History Center on Saturday, April 30. Twenty-seven members and guests attended and were entertained and informed during the following presentations:

  • George Skornickel gave a presentation on Eddie Klep, who briefly played for the Negro Leagues’ Cleveland Buckeyes, and was known as the “White Jackie Robinson.” George will be making this same presentation at the Seymour Medal Conference in May.
  • Sam Reich talked about the so-called Pittsburgh Drug Trials of the mid-1980s from a most unique perspective: he was the defense attorney for seven of the defendants, including the Pirates’ Dave Parker. Sam made the case that Parker, who is often seen as villain, was actually one of the heroes of the case as a result of his willingness to testify against the dealers who were on trial.
  • Paul Rossman presented his mathematical analysis theories that can serve to predict major league service based upon a player’s minor league performance.
  • Joe Elinich gave us all a most informative tour of the new SABR website.
  • Cleveland/Jack Graney members Greg Crouse and Morris Eckhouse discussed their new book, Where Cleveland Played, and gave it a neat twist that made it particularly relevant for a Pittsburgh audience.
  • In observance of the 40th anniversary of the Pirates’ World Series win over the Orioles, Jim Haller gave a trivia contest that focused on the 1971 Pirates in particular and the ’71 season in general.

The Forbes Field Chapter also looks forward to the following upcoming events:

  • A SABR Night at PNC Park on May 21. The Pirates will be hosting 50 members and guests of the Chapter with presentations from President Frank Coonelly, GM Neal Huntington, and other front office staff, a pre-game meal, and the game that night against the Detroit Tigers.
  • Several members are planning on attending a vintage base ball game featuring the Pittsburgh Franklins on July 9.
  • Bob Sproule will be the guest speaker at the College Club of Pittsburgh on July 15.
  • The Chapter’s Summer Hot Stove Night will be held at SoHo Restaurant on an as yet-to-be-determined date in late July or early August.

For details on any of these events, please contact Bob Sproule at rfsmms@verizon.net.