Allan Roth Chapter meeting recap – 8/5/2012

August 5, 2012

Twenty members and guests of the Allan Roth Chapter gathered at the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles. We viewed a magnificent exhibit from the Gary Cypres collection, including hand painted advertisements, baseball themed quilts, arcade and tabletop games, and ballpark models. 

Barry Mednick reviewed the Topps 1951 red back card set and speculated on the choice of the 52 players pictured.  

Andy McCue discussed pre-1957 attempts to attract a major league team to Los Angeles. The Browns, the Cardinals, and the Senators all gave California serious consideration before the Dodgers moved west. The lack of a major league park was a greater barrier than transportation or scheduling.

Jon Bruschke presented proposed improvements to fielding statistics. Jon noted that we are constrained by our limited view of balls in play as either hits, outs, or errors. He supports the tracking of two other concepts: HSP, the hit saving play, and DNM, difficult play not made. He believes these concepts will aid in measuring the true quality of a fielder.

Don Zminda reviewed the 1959 season, a pivotal year in both American history and baseball history. He connected changes in baseball’s administration with rising stars who brought back the excitement of a running game. 

We also discussed the recent national convention. Frank Hamilton, Don Zminda, and Andy McCue won the trivia contest.

— Barry Mednick