Bob Broeg St. Louis Chapter meeting recap – 10/19/2015

Twelve members and guests of the Bob Broeg St. Louis Chapter gathered at The Original Crusoe’s Restaurant in South St. Louis on Monday, October 19, 2015.

Chapter vice-president Jeff Ecker called the meeting to order. It was announced that the donations collected at the meeting last month in honor of former AAGPBL player, police officer, and chapter member Erma Bergmann came to a total of $125 and was donated to the Backstoppers Organization of St. Louis in her memory.

Items highlighted in our ‘Today in Baseball History’ segment were the beginning of the 1913 world tour of the Giants and White Sox to the U.S., the Philippines, Australia, China, and Japan, and the 1985 World Series opener between the Cardinals and the Royals, won by the Cardinals 3-1 behind the pitching of John Tudor.

Bob Tiemann gave a presentation on how the teams with the best regular season records in both leagues have fared in the post-season since the advent of the three-division format.

Jim Leonard led some lively and lengthy discussion on realignment possibilities, enhanced by a detailed printout with both geographical and time zone alignments.

General discussion topics included of course the completed division series (especially the bizarre 7th inning during Game 5 of the Rangers/Blue Jays series), the current league championship series, possible off-season needs of the Cardinals, the varied opinions on the Chase Utley/Ruben Tejada play.

Bob Tiemann’s trivia topic this month was First Year Cardinals in the Post-Season. Mark Stangl was the winner with a score of 25 out of 27.

The next regular chapter meeting will be Tuesday, November 17th at Crusoe’s.

— Jim Leefers, Secretary