Boston Chapter meeting recap – 1/21/2013

A gathering of 42 met at The Baseball Tavern in Boston for the Boston Chapter‘s annual MLK Day meeting, January 21, and although the Presidential Inauguration occurred simultaneously (the video display did display the event as an aside in the room for those inclined to experience the presentations and the national event.) We got a lot done! Tthe agenda was packed with presentations on a variety of subjects.

Reports and announcements were heard from Father Gerry Beirne; Bob Brady of the Braves Historical Association; and Herb Crehan, who has started the the website Check it out! Ty Waterman spoke about the Great American Fantasy League, and Bob Ruzzo brought us up to date on the latest news about Braves Field at Boston University.

Alan Cohen spoke about the Hearst Sandlot classic, an event unknown to many attendees. Donna Halper also educated us well with a presentation on “The Loyal Ladies of Baseball – Female Fans and Sports Writers, 1900-1940.” A lot of new information was presented in a very lively manner.

The recent ballot for the Hall of Fame vote was distributed to the attendees and a vote was taken a vote that paralleled the official vote and a discussion was entertained by Andy Andres, Bill Nowlin and Saul Wisnia. As expected, there were many opinions expressed.

The Emerson College students, who had told us about their film project last year, brought their finished product to us for viewing. A great accomplishment! Congratulations to them for a fine film!

Our next event comes up soon after the annual gathering. The SABR Day event on Saturday, January 26, will be held at the Bleacher Bar, Landsowne Street, located underneath the bleachers at Fenway Park, at 1:30 PM. We will be primarily discussing the newly published book Francona. Already there’s a lot of buzz in the media, and we will create some buzz of our own. Come by for lunch or just to talk about the book. There’s copies available at the Barnes & Noble at Kenmore Square, but I hear copies are flying off the shelves.

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— Joanne Hulbert