Buck O’Neil/North Florida Chapter meeting recap – 9/7/2023

Members and guests of the Buck O’Neil/North Florida SABR Chapter gathered at the Florida State University Softball Complex in Tallahassee, Florida, for a special meeting on the evening of September 7, 2023. Those in attendance included:

  • Matt Keelean, President
  • Matt Hudson, Vice President
  • Renee Watters, Communications Co-Director
  • Brent Kallestad, Communications Co-Director
  • Kent Putnam, Secretary
  • Susan Allen
  • Gar Chisenhall
  • Fred Dunphy
  • Bruce Grant
  • Diana Kampert
  • Jeff Lickson
  • Brian Logan
  • Jennifer Guy
  • Mark Pelt
  • Glenn Robertson
  • Jim Turner

SABR members first took seats in the stands at JoAnne Graf Field where the Seminoles play their home games.  Head Coach Lonni Alameda joined us and multi tasked by talking about the program, answering our questions, and watching an ongoing batting practice session.  Her topics included recruiting and transfers, handling personnel, game strategy, encouraging team spirit, conferences, scouting, and more.  Two newer topics stood out as those which require college softball coaching staffs to stay current: financial benefits to players under NIL laws and the use of analytics in preparing for opponents and in game strategy.

We then moved inside the complex building and, after admiring the trophies and awards on display, gathered in the classroom for more interaction with Coach Alameda and her staff.  We learned the inner workings of recruiting and the constant effort required to stay even  with or preferably ahead of the competition with the latest in technology and metrics.

Upon completion of the presentations, SABR attendees expressed their deep appreciation to Coach and her staff for taking time away from their busy schedules to provide us with a most entertaining and enlightening event. 

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8 PM. 

Respectfully submitted,

Kent Putnam, Chapter Secretary