Connecticut Smoky Joe Wood Chapter meeting recap – 12/15/2012

About 20 people from the Connecticut Smoky Joe Wood Chapter enjoyed the hospitality of Harry’s Restaurant on Saturday, December 15, 2012. We enjoyed the conversation, the food, and the memorabilia. People did take the media guides! Thanks to Stan D. for organizing our annual holiday luncheon there! It would be a fun place to return to!

For our next meeting, I would suggest a chapter breakfast on Saturday, January 12, 2013, at 10 AM at the usual Hamden Townhouse Restaurant in Hamden, Connecticut.

I mentioned at the luncheon that I would be happy to host you at my school, Middlesex Community College, in Middletown, CT, for national SABR Day on Saturday, January 26. My school is near Exit 11 on Route 9, and I can send more specific directions. We could meet from 12 to 4, in our Student Lounge in Founders Hall. I suggest a Hall of Fame symposium, since we will know the results of the HOF voting by then. Be prepared to argue for the players of your choice. You might also want to bring your lunch.  

Happy holidays to all, and see you soon!

— Steve Krevisky