Connecticut Smoky Joe Wood Chapter meeting recap – 2/23/2013

Hi all! About 25 people enjoyed the various speakers at our Smoky Joe Wood Chapter Feb. 23 spring training meeting, and it didn’t snow! Thanks to all the presenters, as well as to those who were present.

Next up, I suggest a chapter breakfast for Saturday, March 30, 10 AM, at the usual Hamden Townhouse Restaurant.  Join us for breakfast, and the usual lively discussions, as we edge closer to opening day!

There are a number of upcoming events that might be of interest to you.  On April 6, there is a musical event involving baseball at the Bushnell in Hartford. Alan Cohen has some info about this. On April 27, there is an event commemorating the old Bulkeley Stadium in Hartford, as mentioned by Norm Hausman. On June 8, we have a chance to participate in a special vintage baseball event in Hartford, so it would be nice to get a good turnout for this. Also, the Rock Cats stadium will host the Eastern League All-Star game on July 10. That could be a good chapter outing, so please let me know ASAP if you’d like to go.

— Steve Krevisky