Dayton Chapter meeting recap – 5/11/2013

Here’s a review of the Dayton SABR Chapter meeting the afternoon of May 11, 2013 at Dayton’s 5/3 Field.

The program included Carroll Schleppi illustrating the Dayton Art Quilt project on the Dayton skyline, which includes the Dragons’ 5/3 Field

Chris Rainey discussed Dan Bickham’s 1886 season. Mark Miller talked of his forthcoming biography of Will McEnaney. Allen Hye presented “Books, Baseball and the Bible”

The attendees then watched the Dayton Dragons batting practice followed by a question and answer session with Jose Nieves, Dragons and Dragons third baseman Tanner Rohier.

The group then attended the evening game with the Dragons (3) vs Ft. Wayne (5).

— John Schleppi