Detroit Chapter meeting recap – 4/18/2020

We had ten participants in our SABR Detroit Chapter Open Forum on Saturday, April 18, 2020.  

The participants were: Tom Biblewski (Toledo Chapter, book club organizer), Al Davis (Albany, NY, HOF Museum guide, Mets expert), Tom Drake (Finley, OH, grandson of Del Drake, Toledo Chapter), Gary Gillette (Detroit Chapter, Omega Man), Jesse Goldberg-Strassler (New father, Lugnuts employee), Fred Grandchamp (Marquette, MI, slumming with us trolls who live under The Bridge), Pete Hoyos (Detroit Chapter, desert hermit), Mike Lassman (San Antonio/Austin Chapter, US Army, Mickey Stanley fan, former metro-Detroiter), Mitch Lutzke (Williamston history teacher, author of The Page Fence Giants), and Joe Shaw (Cleveland Chapter, NASA starman, Strat-o-matic Baseball enthusiast).  It was great fun getting acquainted and talking baseball.   

The following is a list of the six topics that we discussed and the people who led the discussions: The April 17, 1960, Rocky Colavito/Harvey Kuenn trade (Al Davis); Remembrances of Al Kaline (Jesse Goldberg-Strassler); Remembering deceased MLB players Glen Beckert and Eatin’ Ed Farmer (Tom Biblewski); The Era of the Productive-Out Player vs. the present Era of the Home-Run-Strikeout-or-Walk Player (Mike Lassman); Comments about Joe Posnanski’s series in The Athletic, The Baseball 100 (Fred Grandchamp); and the Biography of Detroit Tiger and St Louis Terrier Delos Drake (Tom Drake).  Every participant was asked to comment on all the topics and to lead one discussion. 

Home Run Derby, season 1, episode 10, Al Kaline v Hank Aaron:

Colavito/Kuenn Trade:

Phillies want Kaline:

Wuhan/Coronavirus has college football season, NCAA future up in air – Sports Illustrated:

— Peter Hoyos