Dusty Baker-Sacramento Chapter

The Dusty Baker-Sacramento Chapter serves SABR members in the Northern California area.

Formed in 1994, the chapter was renamed to honor Dusty Baker, the longtime manager and former All-Star outfielder, in 2017.

The chapter typically holds four in-person meetings a year, and near-monthly virtual meetings in collaboration with the Lefty O’Doul–San Francisco Bay Area Chapter. The chapter also offers many opportunities to engage in “non-meeting” baseball activities such as ballgames, tours, parties, and more. SABR chapter meetings are open to all baseball fans. For details on the next chapter meeting, visit SABR.org/events.

Check out our chapter Facebook page or Twitter account (@BakerSacSABR) for more updates. Prior virtual meetings are posted on the chapter’s YouTube page. Chapter bylaws were established in 2023.

Announcements: To sign up for email announcements from this chapter and receive instant notification of upcoming SABR events in your area, click here to select from the list of chapters, then click “Join Group” () at the top of the chapter page. All SABR members are eligible to sign up for announcements from any chapter.