East Tennessee Chapter meeting recap – 11/19/2016

On Saturday, November 19, 2016, there were 14 members and guests in attendance at the East Tennessee Historical Society for the final 2016 meeting of the East Tennessee Chapter of SABR.

Maryville College baseball coach Cody Church shared some of his coaching philosophies and recruiting ideas that’s made the MC Scots a winning program. You can find out more info on the MC Scots team and season here: http://www.mcscots.com/sports/bsb/index

Links to MC baseball related material in ‘The Chilhowean’ can be found here:

Bryan Steverson reprised his presentation from the 2016 Jerry Malloy Negro League Conference, “Brothers in our Game”.  It looked at established ballplayers, coaches and executives that reached out and formed a bond with incoming players of different races.  Bryan gave a very good and impassioned talk.

Mark Aubrey presented some fluff research, looking at which league won the World Series when which president was in the White House. He could not find any correlation between the WS results and which party held office at that time.

An informal vote, without discussion, was taken regarding the DH – should the DH be dropped from all of MLB?
8 – yes
4 – no
1 – abstain

After a two-hour meeting, which included the typical off-topic discussions, several of us went to the Blue Coast Gill & Bar to continue the baseball talk.

— Mark Aubrey