Gardner-Waterman Vermont Chapter meeting recap – 3/31/2019

Thank you all for joining us at the SABR Gardner-Waterman Vermont Chapter’s Spring 2019 meeting on March 31, 2019.

We heard a fantastic presentation from F.X. Flinn on the institutional history of SABR in the 21st century, heard from Carl Backman (in absentia) on his experiences at the SABR Analytics Conference in March in Phoenix, Arizona, and enjoyed some pizza and the hospitality of our friends at the Burlington Elks, who were outstanding hosts.

Congratulations to Chuck McGill, the now three-time SABR VT Trivia champion. Congratulations also to Joe Palumbo and Mitch Thayer, who finished second and third, respectively. The topic of the trivia contest was “Home Runs” and I’ve attached the quiz to this email.

A big thanks to Scott Tipson for donating a cornucopia of unopened 1980s packs of baseball cards to serve as the prizes.

If you didn’t get a chance to take it, let me know how you did.

In our Main Event, SABR VT selected an All-Time Baseball Nickname Team:

This is our all-time team:

  • Catcher: Clarence “Choo Choo” Coleman
  • 1B: Mike Hargrove, “The Human Rain Delay”
  • 2B: Frankie Frisch, “The Fordham Flash”
  • SS: Rick Burleson, “The Rooster”
  • 3B: Brooks Robinson, “The Human Vacuum Cleaner”
  • OF: Johnny “Ugly” Dickshot
  • OF: Joe “Ducky” Medwick
  • OF: Walt “No Neck” Williams
  • P: Bob Feller, “The Heater from Van Meter”
  • P: Bill Singer, “The Singer Throwing Machine”

Upcoming Gatherings:

We will be heading to both a Vermont Mountaineers and a Vermont Lake Monsters game this summer.

F.X. Flinn also discussed putting together a gathering in Quechee this summer.

Our SABR Book Club gathering will be Sunday August 25, where will be discussing Jane Leavy’s Babe Ruth bio, “The Big Fella”.

More on all of this soon. Thanks for your support.

— Clayton Trutor