Halsey Hall Chapter meeting recap – 10/15/2011

The Halsey Hall Chapter’s fall meeting was held October 15 in Minneapolis with 24 members and guests attending: Brenda Himrich, Phyllis Thornley, Rex Hamman, Fritz Reeker, Art Mugalian, Doug Ernst, Jerry Janzen, Stew Thornley, Lee Temanson, Rich Arpi, Howard Luloff, Barry Bengtsson, Fred Buckland, Mendal Merkle, Bob Evans, Dave Jensen, Doug Kenison, Bob Tholkes, Scott Cummings, Dan Levitt, Jim Storm, John Swol, Gregg Nelson, and Cary Smith.

The meeting featured two research presentations:

  • Rex Hamann on the Minneapolis Millers and St. Paul Saints teams that won American Association pennants.
  • Bob Tholkes on the birth of baseball statistics.

The meeting was preceded by a viewing of Mr. Ed in the episode in which Ed meets Leo Durocher and hits a home run off Sandy Koufax. The featured speaker was former Twins All-Star Ron Coomer, who described his life in baseball and growing up as a Cubs fan on the south side of Chicago. Among other tales, Cooms described doing the home-run call of Jack Brickhouse as he fungoed rocks across Central Avenue into Midway Airport.

To view the complete Halsey Hall Chapter newsletter, visit http://www.halseyhall.org/pubs/november2011.html