Halsey Hall Chapter meeting recap – 4/9/2016

The attendance at a SABR Halsey Hall Chapter meeting exceeded 40 for the first time at the spring meeting April 9, 2016, in Minneapolis.

Jerry Janzen, Howard Luloff, Bob Tholkes, Bob Komoroski, Jeff Lenz, Steve Bratkovich, Jim Hurt, Gil Waibel, Lee Temanson, Denny Laudal, Cary Smith, Art Mugalian, Tom Flynn, Dave Lande, Dave Jensen, Gene Gomes, Rick Arpi, Mark Sannes, Mary Manning, Doug Skipper, Jim Hentges, John Gallo, Fred Buckland, Roger Godin, Joel Wyttenhove, Joe O’Connell, Frank Kadwell, Brenda Himrich, Stew Thornley, Tom Rooney, Dan Levitt, Aaron Stilley, Aaron Sinner, Emma Charlesworth-Seiler, Steve Ginader, Brent Heutmaker, Lloyd Kepple, Hans Van Slooten, Ry Siggelkow, Daryl Jorgenson, George Rekela, Fritz Reeker, and Jeff Lehtinen heard research presentations by Denny Laudel, Dan Levitt, Phil Lowry, Bob Tholkes, and Lee Temanson in the morning and then listened to featured guest Julio Becquer (pictured) talk about his life in the Twin Cities. Julio first came here as a member of the Louisville Colonels of the American Association in 1956 and liked the area.

He played for the Twins in 1961 and then settled down in Minneapolis and worked for Dayton’s for many years. Julio was a guest at the 1988 SABR convention in Minneapolis and has stayed involved with the Twins. He is a coach at the Twins’ fantasy camp, which has had Lloyd Kepple are a regular attendee. Lloyd invited Julio to come to our meeting.

During the business meeting, Brent Heutmaker, Jerry Janzen, and Gene Gomes were elected to two-year terms on the chapter’s board of directors.

In addition, a silent auction held during the meeting raised $551 for the chapter.

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