Hank Gowdy Chapter meeting recap – 4/2/2016

The Hank Gowdy Chapter had 39 attendees at its Spring 2016 Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 2, at the Westerville Public Library in Westerville, Ohio.

The speakers and presentations were terrific! Our guest speaker was Greg Rhodes, the official baseball historian of the Cincinnati Reds, who talked to us about the Reds’ Opening Day tradition. The presenters and their topics included Jim Leeke (The Ohio State League, 1908-1916), Mike Lackey (Reds Deadball Era hurler, Long Bob Ewing), and Jonathan Knight (the iconic movie comedy, “Major League.”)

We had another challenging and humbling baseball trivia contest from Chris. And everyone’s attendance made it fun! As for the results of our Chapter’s Hall of Fame election: We would’ve elected only Ken Griffey Jr. We had 20 ballots turned in, so here are the votes and percentages:

19 votes,  95 %  Griffey
11 votes,  55 %  Bagwell, Piazza
10 votes,  50 %  Trammel
  6 votes,  30 %  Hoffman, Martinez
  5 votes,  25 %  Raines, Walker
  4 votes,  20 %  Bonds, Clemens, Mussina, Schilling, Smith
  2 votes,  10 %  Ausmus, McGriff
  1 vote,      5 %  Anderson, Garciaparra, Grudzielanik, Kendall, McGwire, Rose

And thanks also to those attending the lunch afterwards and the Wings and Opening Day event on Sunday. Overall, the events made for the a great weekend of baseball. Perfect to get the season started.

— Blake Sherry