Houston/Larry Dierker Chapter meeting recap – 1/14/2013

Last night’s Larry Dierker Chapter meeting was standing room only for new Houston Astros Skipper Bo Porter as he presented us with a number of “Oh My” moments. An “Oh My” moment is when during the normal course of an event you suddenly recognize that someone is way ahead of you and you are forced to react in a manner you did not anticipate or are prepared for. Such is Bo Porter’s vision and passion for the 2013 Astros and how they will play baseball by forcing the opposition to play faster than they want to and force errors. It worked in Washington and it can work in Houston.

45 SABR members on January 14, 2013, were dazzled by Bo’s teaching concepts, many of which are based on his former college football days at the University of Iowa that helped shape the man he is today. Not only will Bo and his staff tell his team what to do in each situation but they will tell them the how and why also, thus allowing each player to play to their potential. Don’t be surprised if a football becomes a part of the spring training experience.

The new manager spoke to us for an hour and a half and answered numerous questions too. It was an exciting and eye opening night for all concerned.

Mike McCroskey and Herb Whalley tied in the trivia contest with Mike winning the tiebreaker.

Our next meeting will be on Saturday January 26th at the the Home Plate Grill directly across the street from MMP starting at 12 noon and will be a part of the national SABR Day activities. Come eat lunch with us and share in the fun activities Matt Remaniak and Stan Curtis have put together including a display of the new Houston Astro uniforms, a video on Monte Irvin’s return to Cuba after 50 years, multiple trivia contests and a few surprises. Please wear your favorite baseball uniform plus participate in a book exchange. Bring friends and lets talk some baseball.

— Bob Dorrill