Houston/Larry Dierker Chapter meeting recap – 1/19/2015

Thirty-two SABR members and guests of the Larry Dierker Chapter began the new year with a lively session on January 19, 2015, which was opened by Jacqueline Holm of the Sugar Land Skeeters who spoke in some detail about the Hot Stove Banquet coming up on Thursday evening. Bob Dorrill showed all in attendance the  special award that the chapter will present to Monte Irvin at this same event; 29 SABR members and friends will be attending the dinner.

Dick Bily, who has a close relationship with the New York Yankees, served as a DH and entertained us with tales about Yankee players and bosses including Derek Jeter and George Steinbrenner. He also mentioned some spring training activities that didn’t make the news.

Dick was followed by Tony Cavender who reviewed the book No Cheering in the Pressbox. Tony’s presentation was excellent as he related many stories from the book and highly recommended it to members.

Jim Kreuz hit 3rd, the same as the subject of his topic; Stan Musial. Jim covered in detail Mr. Musial’s travels from the small town of Donora, PA, to the major leagues, complete with numerous photographs and year book pictures not readily seen by admirers of Stan. Another terrific job by Jim.

Six members volunteered to staff our SABR table at the Astros Fan Fest in Minute Maid Park on Saturday where we will also celebrate SABR Day.

Tom White’s trivia contest was won by Tony Cavender.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 16 at the same location. Tom White, Mike McCroskey and Jim Kreuz volunteered to be key speakers.

— Bob Dorrill