Houston/Larry Dierker Chapter meeting recap – 3/18/2013

A season-high 50 SABR members and friends of the Larry Dierker/Houston Chapter gathered Monday evening, March 18, at the Inn at the Ballpark for our monthly meeting. We were pleased to have former players and executives Tal Smith, Jimmy Wynn, Larry Miggins, Bill Heath and Red Mahoney on hand in addition to Larry Dierker and Ira Liebman who participated in the program.

Ira, Voice of the Sugar Land Skeeters, provided us with his varied background before coming to Sugar Land which included a world record breaking number of being laid offs. Then on a more serious note Ira interviewed our own Larry Dierker who told a ton of humorous tales about his career and the current state of baseball.

Following the interview Larry Wemberly led us on a fascinating methodology for viewing daily and annual major league player usage, comparing generations and unusual trends. This detailed report was the result of an amazing amount of research by Larry.

The trivia contest on Stan the Man written by Mike McCroskey was won by Tal Smith. After some discussion Tony Cavender agreed to prepare the contect for April.

We are still looking for more entries in the Annual Astros Win Contest with all pretictions due by Opening Day.

At this time the following members have commited to attend the SABR National Convention in Philadelphia: Mike Vance, Art Spanjar, Matt Rejamaniak, Bill McCurdy, Harold Jones and Bob Dorrill. If other would like to join us, please let me know so we can coordinate transportation etc.

Our next meeing will be on Monday April 8th at the Inn at the BALLPARK. We have Mike Davila, David Fanucchi and Joe Thompson on the agenda and anyone else wishing to make a presentation should contact me asap. Thanks.

— Bob Dorrill