Juan Marichal Chapter meeting recap – 10/30/2019

Ten members of SABR’s Juan Marichal Chapter gathered on Wednesday, October 30, 2019, to watch the seventh game of the World Series at their home base of 121 Nicolas Ueña de Mendoza St. in Los Prados, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

There were great expectations because one of our SABR members would have won the trophy and its reward for predicting the Houston Astros to win it all in our preseason prediction contest. Nobody had chosen Washington to do it. Initially, when Houston was winning 2-0, that one member was glad but as the game came to the seventh inning and Washington took command, the atmosphere changed and the member rooting for Houston turned sad. Finally, our “April Fools” honored  their name: Nobody this year predicted in April the winner of the World Series in October. As a consolation, there was the promise that the reward will build for next year’s prediction contest.

— Julio Rodriguez