Juan Marichal Chapter meeting recap – 6/29/2017

On June 29, 2017, eight members of SABR’s Juan Marichal Chapter had an animated reunion at their monthly meeting at 121 Nicolas Ureña de Mendoza in Los Prados, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The main topic of conversation was the news that Bartolo Colon had just been put on assignment by the Atlanta Braves. Colon’s career was analyzed and some bet that after going through waivers, he will be signed again by the New York Mets. Most of us thought that Colon’s career was over, as the second-winningest Dominican pitcher behind Marichal.

It was also mentioned that more than 700 Dominican or Dominican-related players had seen action in the major leagues — a phenomenal number whne you consider that the total population of the Dominican Republic is maybe 11 million.

— Julio M. Rodriguez