Las Vegas Chapter meeting recap – 9/20/2014

On September 20, 2014, six members of SABR’s newest regional chapter, the Las Vegas Chapter, came together for their initial meeting at the home of Rick Swift in Henderson, Nevada.

We spent the first 30 minutes getting to know each other, discovering why we loved baseball and being members of SABR. Rick called the meeting together for business. Elections were held and Rick was chosen as the chapter chair and Ben Pawlowski was chosen as second chair.

The members present decided to plan about 4-6 meetings during the year. Possible guest speakers and presentations were also discussed. 

A possible change to the chapter name was also discussed, with some of the names being considered the Silver State Chapter, the Bugsy Siegel Chapter, or the Newt Kimball Chapter. The one we liked the most and the one we elected was the Maddux Brothers-Las Vegas Chapter of SABR. We have contacted Greg and Mike Maddux, and both have agreed to let their name be used. “We would be honored,” Mike Maddux said.

After a light snack prepared by Rick’s wife and a short trivia test won by all the members, the meeting was called. 

In attendance were: Rick Swift (chair), Ben Pawlowski (second chair), Chris Kaempfer, Philip Lawton, John Minor, and Murray Schofel.

— Rick Swift