Northeast Florida Chapter meeting recap – 5/5/2020

The inaugural meeting of SABR Northeast Florida Chapter was held via ZOOM on May 5, 2020 at 7:30 pm.

Attendees included Charles Slavik, Ledra Slavik, Sean Martin, Jim Mitchell, Glenn Guzzo, Jim Moyes, Bob Richardson, and Richard Wentworth.

Members introduced themselves and discussed background and interests. Group also discussed purpose of meeting and general goals for chapter — individually and as a group.

Charles Slavik discussed generally the use of ZOOM for future meeting after lockdown ends, interspersed with in-person, local meeting to allow members outside of area to stay connected to group activities.

James Moyes requested map of members available for members to decide best location(s) of future meetings once lockdown is over. (Current configuration map sent to members 5-6-2020.)

Discussed potential naming of chapter, modes of other chapters and constraints for use of living players.

Discussed exploration of administration tools SABR provides to communicate and store chapter information. Documents of more permanent nature could be loaded on Discussion forum provided as a central, go-to repository for members outside of ad-hoc emails and messages.

Charles Slavik discussed that Chapter has a Twitter account @FloridaSabr for ad-hoc communication and to connect with other chapters and share best practices. Recorded ZOOM meetings could be stored centrally on a YouTube account, which could be set to public or private, which would provide links that we could communicate and share group activities to interested parties.

Zoom could also be used as a tool to do informational interviews with guests that could not be interviewed in-person that could be shared (via e-amil or more broadly via YouTube) as part of an event or group presentations.

— Charles Slavik