Rogers Hornsby Chapter meeting recap – 2/26/2015

Ten members of the Rogers Hornsby Chapter met Thursday evening, February 26, 2015 at IronWorks BBQ in downtown Austin.  This was the chapter’s 99th consecutive monthly meeting!

Topics of discussion included the opening of Spring Training and the prospects for the attendees’ favorite teams.

Jim Kenton gave a report on the status of the Alzheimer’s Memory project. This is an effort to use baseball memories and experiences to help enhance the well-being of early-stage Alzheimer’s patients. Jim reported that the local Austin-area chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association was highly supportive of this effort, and they are in the process of recruiting participants for a “trial season”. It’s envisioned that about ten participants, plus their care-givers, will engage with SABR members in a bi-weekly session to talk baseball. More details will be forthcoming. 

Monte Cely and Mike Dillon shared their experiences at Serie del Caribe 2015, the Caribbean World Series, held in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This was followed by a quiz about Latin American baseball, with a Puerto Rican flavor.  Dan Walsh won the quiz, with an excellent score of 18 of 25. The quiz is here.

More details and photos can be found on the Hornsby Chapter website below:

— Monte Cely